CAD and GIS integration

Create CAD based spatial analytical systems

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CADObject is a unique solution to integrate CAD and GIS data.

It is the easyiest way to create digital model of infrustructure!

CADObject's Features

Recognize objects in CAD

Recognition allows you to analyze and effectively use information about objects.

Spatial and attributive data verification

It is necessary to avoid incorrectly drawn objects

Put objects into spatial database

The integrity of objects during conversion from CAD to geo-format is preserved.

Back from GIS to CAD

Geoinformation systems allow you to process objects in a more convenient format, and CADObject unloads them back into CAD preserving the integrity of objects.

CADObject – efficient integration of CAD/GIS

Two types of systems exist for working with spatial information:

  • CAD is used for design and construction;
  • GIS is used for operation, execution of spatial queries and making analytical reports.

CAD documentation is a valuable source of information which can be used for the geoinformation systems (GIS) development.

The main difficulty in standard converting method is the lost of object’s integrity. The object falls apart into separate elements and it is difficult to understand which line belonged to which object, it means you can’t identify to which particular object the attributive information belongs.

CADObject solves this problem. In the process of integration the objects remain unchanged and very important point is that the visualization is saved. It increases the efficiency of all the geoinformation system.

During the work with CADObject, all graphic objects are recognized automatically and merged into separate groups according to the developed classifier, i.e. for each type of objects, the rules are defined for both the graphic display and the availability of attributive information. All these objects correspond to unique records in the database. In connection with the preservation of the integrity and verification of objects, CADObject allows to build analytical systems of any complexity and uses the entire analytical and mathematical apparatus of GIS and DBMS.

In addition to the main task, CADObject provides some additional functions:

  • placing objects in a spatial database
  • saving the history of object changes
  • creation of archive of initial drawings
  • uploading back to CAD format


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